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Everything starts here. Great simple daily overview of tracking companies with notice of upcoming events and news.


We are the best in sorting stock data through different sectors. Three levels of grading, from the simplest to the conditions searching.


Great market monitoring tool finds out which sectors or industries are currently doing well and which are worrying. Ability to measure its performance.


Creating watchlists in a very pleasant form. You can create an unlimited number of watchlists in an incredibly short time and measure its performance.


We do not predict trend, we display what can influence market. Well arranged calendar of economic events such as earnings and dividend dates.


This is the end of paperwork. You can add general or stock linked notes and documents. Quick search. Notes which are available at the right time when needed.


Choose the right plan for you.



Watchlist performance
Sector / Industries performance
Economic calendar
Filter options Basic Full
Number of watchlists 3 Unlimited
Stock prices history 5 years Unlimited
Financial history 2 years Unlimited
Documents storage 100 MB 500 MB
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