Who is behind

ZDRAHALA Lukas - Founder and CEO

I guess you are not necessarily interested in where I studied, worked etc. You can learn it here.

I'm going to tell you a story that will catch your attention.

I've always been around developing applications and various software. Later, I discovered the world of financial markets and began my first steps in investing.

Today, I mostly operate in the American market, where I am mainly interested in trading common stocks.

Stock picking has always appealed to me the most. I tried to discover new investment stories that have not yet been appreciated by the market.

I needed to filter large number of stocks according to my own rules and criteria. There was no option that would offer such a thing. It was almost impossible to search for a particular fact within thousands companies across various sectors and industries.

The original idea was not to create a commercial project that would generate profit, but to have a tool for my own needs of investing. And this is a guarantee that TickerFilter works.

I needed to have my investments more under the control, all in one place. I couldn't afford to miss any event connected to for example announcing of the company's results or payment of dividends. And particular economic announcements were not less important for me either.

I needed numbers and data, profit and loss statements of companies, development of the market environment so that together with other impacts I would be able to create my own analysis and strategy and at the same time I wouldn't be dependent on recommendations from others which usually tend to fail.

I needed to retrieve information and thoughts from the previous period. When handling securities on a daily basis a large number of information in paper and digital form accumulates in only one week. It was almost unreal to retrieve such information quickly and in a moment when it was needed the most.

Today I'm able to do such a job within few minutes, a job that would last for ages in the past.

After some time, I found out that it is no longer only a great idea and a child's project as at the beginning. I realised that also other traders might face similar problems and that the tool has already made it through a long way.

And that's why the TickerFilter is here also for you.

And it doesn't end with the current version,
this is just the beginning.